IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Art Angels is in transition and is not offering a grant program in 2023, but we encourage you to apply for support via ValleyCreates at the Community Foundation. Thank you!

Land and Values Acknowledgement

The Art Angels serves Pocomtuc, Norwottuck, and Nipmuc territories, also known as the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts. As artists and art-lovers, we acknowledge the power art has in influencing culture while also replicating systems of oppression that have historically silenced and promoted violence against Native people, and other marginalized people. Therefore, we support, uplift, and celebrate the art of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and all people committed to making art that challenges, transforms & heals our world. 

About the Program

Art Angels is a grant program that provides funding to artists and non-profit organizations located in the Connecticut River Valley in Western Massachusetts. 

In 2022, we ran our grantmaking process differently than previous years. That year, the grants were awarded by a group of local BIPOC artists, while the financial resources were collected by a group of anonymous artists and art-lovers. 

Our Origins

Art Angels originated with a group of women artists with financial resources who met to share some questions, concerns, and ideas they had about being artists with wealth. The group pooled some money and formed Art Angels to open up more access for underserved artists. The first grants were made in the fall of 1998.

We believe that the arts have an extraordinary ability to hear and empower us. We recognize the power of art in our own lives to articulate, soothe, provoke, celebrate, heal and to take us all to deeper levels of awareness.