We believe that the arts have an extraordinary ability to educate, heal and empower us. We recognize the power of art in our own lives to articulate and connect, soothe and heal, provoke and celebrate, and to take us all to deeper levels of awareness.

We fund small to mid-size non-profit arts organizations located in Western MA. We support innovative, courageous, experimental projects that serve marginalized communities and promote the arts as a way to heal, feel and learn.

We are interested in organizations who:

• facilitate empowerment, transformation, and education through the arts

• use arts and creativity as tools in the development of human potential

• increase the presence of the arts in communities, helping the public experience the value and inherent importance of the arts

• seek to create new audiences, extending the reach of the arts in innovative ways

We tend to fund:

•smaller organizations or start-ups

•those who provide arts access to low-income and other underserved people

•those who want to make the leap of faith to the next stage of development and impact

•those who work in collaboration with community-based organizations

We seldom fund:

•individual artists working independently

•projects based outside the Pioneer Valley or traveling projects